Predictive Program Management

Easily crowdsource program progress and results to make decisions with impact.


The general lack of insight from your own employees costs companies billions of dollars in missed deadlines, project overruns, and product failure as leaders continue to make biased or poorly informed decisions.


Cultivate Labs helps executives and PMOs introduce internal crowdsourcing to capture the knowledge and experience from your people to guide you in implementing programmatic change. Our Cultivate Forecasts platform uses state-of-the-art human forecasting aggregation methods with your employees to get a holistic view of how your program and individual projects are performing. You’ll collect probabilistic forecasts and rationales from the people who have insight into one or many projects at any given time, so you know project risks and performance earlier.

Cultivate Forecast interface
Key Benefits
Clock icon representing real time probabilistic forecasts

Real-time probabilistic forecasts (of what your people think is going to happen) provide a “signal” into the program’s performance at any time, not just one-time opinions as with a survey or a project status call.

Comment bubble icon representing contextual output about why people forecast the way they do

Contextual output about why people forecast the way they do (via comment threads and upvoting) gives the organization more honest, un-biased project insight to take course corrective action as needed.

Bar graph icon representing measuring your accuracy at forecasting and compare to internal baselines

Measure your accuracy at making forecasts, so you can identify gaps and continuously improve, to make more impactful executive decisions based on reliably accurate data.

Document icon representing readout of organizational biases

Readout of organizational biases so you can give feedback and become more calibrated over time, ultimately achieving better inputs for your program portfolio.

Platform Outputs

  • A private, secure Cultivate Forecasts platform to facilitate forecasting and analysis
  • Individual and aggregated probabilistic forecasts with just-in-time visualizations
  • Qualitative context of forecasts
  • Executive dashboard for an ongoing review of program results
  • Curated monthly reports designed to fit seamlessly with existing review processes
  • Alert system to notify you of rapid or extreme changes to an event’s likelihood
  • An assessment of your organization’s ability to accurately forecast and its biases
  • Full access to raw data for your own analysis
  • Full access to our platform’s REST API for easy integration with external dashboarding or BI systems

Image of forecast reports
Our Methodology

Our methodology is based on 10+ years of experience working with leading organizations, like Broadspectrum, Shell Oil, and Amazon-owned to develop a crowd-driven forecasting approach for program/project management.

Work flow chart of how Cultivate Forecasts' crowdsourced forecasting platform can improve program maanagement

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