Improved Forecasting for Sales & Operational Planning

Capture “ground truth” from your people for greater forecasting accuracy.

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Your sales team is biased when it comes to the amount of sales they think they can achieve. So is your marketing team, product development team, and executives. Everyone is biased one way or another. It’s why 1 in 4 companies are unhappy with the accuracy of their sales forecasting, and 60% of forecasted deals don’t actually close. How can you make forecasts more objective for smarter decision making?


Our Cultivate Forecasts solution uses state-of-the-art human forecasting aggregation methods with your remote sales teams, franchises, vendors, and channel partners. We work with you to collect ongoing forecasts, and to quantify what biases exist - across the organization and individually - to better calibrate and improve forecasting over time. You also get rationales about why people forecast the way they do for greater transparency of information and to understand where there are gaps you need to address.

Cultivate Forecast interface
Key Benefits
Clock icon representing real time probabilistic forecasts

Real-time probabilistic forecasts that quantify “ground truth” provide bottom-up signalling, immediately uncovering new changes in the market (e.g., new wins, leads, losses).

Comment bubble icon representing contextual output about why people forecast the way they do

Contextual output about why people forecast the way they do (via comment threads and upvoting) eliminates blind spots and gives the organization more honest, un-biased insight.

Bar graph icon representing measuring your accuracy at forecasting and compare to internal baselines

Measure your accuracy at forecasting and compare to internal baselines, so you can identify gaps and continuously improve, to make more successful strategic decisions.

Document icon representing readout of organizational biases

Readout of organizational biases so you can give feedback and become more calibrated over time, ultimately achieving better inputs for sales and demand planning.

Platform Outputs

  • A private, secure Cultivate Forecasts platform to facilitate forecasting and analysis
  • Individual and aggregated probabilistic forecasts with just-in-time visualizations
  • Qualitative context of forecasts
  • Executive dashboard for an ongoing review of results
  • Curated monthly reports designed to fit seamlessly with existing S&OP processes
  • Alert system to notify you of rapid or extreme changes to an event’s likelihood
  • An assessment of your organization’s ability to accurately forecast and its biases
  • Full access to raw data for your own analysis
  • Full access to our platform’s REST API for easy integration with external dashboarding or BI systems

Image of forecast reports
Our Methodology

Our methodology is based on 10+ years of experience working with leading organizations, like Broadspectrum, Caterpillar, Bechtel, and Shell, to develop a crowd-driven forecasting approach for sales and demand forecasting.

Work flow chart of how Cultivate Forecasts' crowdsourced forecasting platform can improve sales and demand forecasting

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