Adam Siegel is interviewed on the Wisdom of the Crowd Podcast

From the Bertelsmann Foundation’s Wisdom of the Crowd podcast subscriber’s page:

Welcome to “Wisdom of the Crowd”, a podcast miniseries that explores the future of transatlantic relations. From democracy and geopolitics to climate change and technology, we  take a closer look at the most pressing issues impacting the transatlantic alliance by interviewing top experts and using a strategy of crowd-sourced forecasting. We don’t just rely on experts and policy makers; we listen to a crowd of forecasters, and YOU, to determine the outcome of future events. We call that “the wisdom of the crowd".

Our guest is Adam Siegel, the CEO of Cultivate Labs — an organization that harness the power of forecasting to help governments, companies and nonprofits make better decisions.

Wisdom of the Crowd is produced by the Bertelsmann Foundation, the Bertelsmann Stiftung, Are We Europe, and Awe Studio. Sound design for this episode was done by Stefano Montali with editing by Kyrill Hartog and Sofia Kuan. Research was done by Daniela Rojas Medina and Anthony Silberfeld. The podcast artwork is by Tamara Tasić, and this series is hosted by Rylie Munn.