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Good Judgment Inc. and Cultivate Labs are teaming up to create crowdsourced forecasting solutions for the financial services industry.

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Mass atrocities are rare yet devastating crimes. They are also preventable. Studies of past atrocities show that we can detect early warning signs of atrocities and that if policy makers act on those warnings and develop preventive strategies, we can save lives. Yet despite this awareness, all too often we see warning signs missed and action taken too late, if at all, in response to threats of mass atrocities. The goal of this project is to help change that.

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By Adam Siegel on Jan 11, 2016

Uber's Costly Fail in Germany is Symptomatic of an Age-Old Problem...

It is incredible that a company of Uber's size, with the experience they have entering new markets is still having the kinds of colossal failures they are having in Germany. But Uber is certainly not alone in costly missteps like this and billions are being lost every year. Yet a solution already exists: your employees.

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By Ben Golden on Jan 08, 2016

Bayesian Reasoning and Prediction Markets

I enjoyed John Horgan's piece on Bayes Theorem for Scientific American. Bayes Theorem and Bayesian reasoning are highly applicable when thinking about forecasting and prediction markets; indeed, one prediction market built a Bayes Net into its platform. In this post I'll explain what Bayesian reasoning is, why it matters to prediction markets,...

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By Ben Golden on Jan 06, 2016

Episode 12 - Putting the Past P-hind Us

With the NFL complete, Jack and Ben revisit forecasts they made on the podcast, with a focus on things they got wrong, and also words that start with the letter P. Chuck Pagano, Peyton Manning, and Blake Bortles all make appearances (well, they're discussed), and Ben asks whether Jack is old enough to remember Sesame Street (which is still on...

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