Know the future, own the future.

Use prediction markets and other crowdsourcing methods to get smarter about the events that impact you the most.

Tap your team's collective intelligence to always understand the when and the why.

Cultivate Forecasts is easy to use and simple to scale. We are trusted by some of the world's largest organizations to predict their most sensitive issues.

Kick the tires and take us for a test drive.

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Join thousands of others on our public prediction market to see how the platform could work for you.
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Run a 3 or 6 month pilot program and see what kind of difference we can make.
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Ask for forecasts and constantly record what people think is going to happen, and why. Use that foresight to guide strategic decisions.

So easy, your whole "crowd" can use.

Track forecasts

Track Your Forecasts

Compare your forecast to the consensus forecast and change your opinion at any time in reaction to new information.

Recieve alerts

Receive Alerts

Set alerts for yourself to keep track of when a question moves above or below a probability threshold.

Share information

Share New Information

Discussion threads for every question means you can share and consume written opinions about the forecast question.

View trends

View Trends

See the changes in probability over time mapped to the rationales of why people changed their forecasts.

Go mobile

Go Mobile

Native mobile applications for iOS and Android. The application is also fully responsive.

Multi lingual

Multilingual Support

Ugly Americans we are not. Most languages supported, just ask.


Open Data

All your data is exportable at any time in universally accessible csv format.

Executive Dashboard

Monitor and discuss forecasts in a beautiful web and mobile interface.

Visual Reporting

Visualize forecasting activity, strength of activity, and other insights that will help make decisions.

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Hosting Options

Flexibility to match your business requirements.

We use Heroku to host Cultivate Forecasts at Amazon AWS. Your application is always logically separated from any of our other clients, either in a shared environment or in its own dedicated environment. Still need to host Cultivate Forecasts yourself? We can support that too.

Software service

Software as a Service

Skip the complexity of hosting Cultivate Forecasts yourself and have us do it. Scalable to support thousands of users.

On premise


Some situations simply require you host Cultivate Forecasts yourself. Minimal maintenance required and a bi-annual update schedule ensures you have the latest versions of our application.



Cultivate has an average 99.9% uptime for its hosted applications. We increase reliability through redundancy, daily backups, and disaster recovery plans.

Security and Privacy

All data stored on Cultivate Forecasts is safe, secure, and reliable

We are trusted (and have been audited) by some of the largest companies in the world so we know how important security and privacy is.

Industry Standard Security

We adhere to industry best practices including encrypted communications, encrypted data on our database, firewalled and monitored servers, and limited access to production data by our employees.

Single Sign-on

We can integrate with most SAML2 SSO authentication systems to give your IT department peace of mind that employees who have left the company don't still have access to valuable information.

Data Retention

Because we set up an isolated environment for each client, we can adjust our retention configuration to your requirements.




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Enterprise Detail

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For Developers

Extend the application to wherever your creativity leads you.

Our API has been used to build add-on applications, retrieve data for custom information visualizations, and by our own team to drive our mobile application.

Rest api

Rest API

A well documented API to access the data in your Forecasts site.

White labeling

White Labeling

Customize a Forecasts site to your brand through CSS changes you control.