A crowd-driven forecasting platform.

We use prediction markets to help you get smarter about your most important decisions.

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Cultivate Forecasts is the culmination of over 10 years experience building prediction markets and other crowdsourcing applications.

Cultivate Forecasts is easy to use and simple to scale. We are trusted by some of the world's largest organizations to give strategic foresight to their most sensitive issues.

How We Collect Forecasts

Dashboard view of Cultivate Forecasts prediction market Dashboard view of Cultivate Forecasts prediction market
  • Capture an unlimited number forecasts and comments anonymously (or not) whenever someone wants to update their forecast

  • Ask an unlimited number of forecast questions

  • Just-in-time trend visualizations and stats show consensus probabilistic outcomes

  • Notifications and alerts of new forecast questions, and other important activity

  • Easy probability elicitation means no training or advanced math skills

  • Full self-admin controls for question creation, judgment, and other site management

  • Mobile responsive web-based application and native iOS and Android applications


Determine individual and site-wide forecasting accuracy using Brier scoring (same as weather forecasters!)

Accuracy leaderboards (site-wide, per topic, and per question)

Individual tracking of forecasts and accuracy points compared to the crowd consensus

Research-tested scoring algorithms for enhancing forecast accuracy



Prediction markets
  • Support for multiple types of questions like yes/no, multi-choice, and date

  • Adjustable user experience for basic or advanced trading

  • Optional additional information capture like rationales and confidence scale

Opinion Polls
  • Support for same types of questions as our prediction markets

  • No fantasy currency, just probability inputs

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Unobtrusive reminders keep the site top of mind to your participants

Create teams of forecasters to encourage collaboration and competition

Crowdsourced administration: flag content that goes too far


  • Multiple question formats supported (e.g., binary, multiple answer, open)

  • Background field supports text, links, and other media

  • Resolve questions (and undo incorrect resolutions)

  • Crowdsource forecast questions by allowing people to submit their own questions

  • Crowdsource question judgments

  • Set future question publish dates to make sure there are always new questions coming

  • Categorize questions by topics and tags


  • Real-time reports (.csv) of consensus and individual forecasts, accuracy, participation, and more, for each question and site-wide


  • Comprehensive user management

  • Site-wide announcements

  • Integration with SAML2-compliant SSO systems

  • Participation stats


  • Intake surveys to collect demographic information

  • Simple LMS and CBT capability to provide training

  • Manage multiple research conditions from a central dashboard


  • Your branding

  • CSS customization

  • Text customization

  • Support for multi-language

  • Site access options: public, private, social login, etc.

  • Custom domain name

  • Basic CMS system to create custom content pages

  • Customized registration process to collect additional information about each user

  • Custom terms of service to support your internal regulations

Hosting Options

Flexibility to match your business requirements.

We use Heroku to host Cultivate Forecasts at Amazon AWS. Your application is always logically separated from any of our other clients, either in a shared environment or in its own dedicated environment. Still need to host Cultivate Forecasts yourself? We can support that too.

Cube icon representing Cultivate Forecasts as a software as a service product

Software as a Service

Skip the complexity of hosting Cultivate Forecasts yourself and have us do it. Scalable to support thousands of users.

Office building icon representing the ability of companies to host Cultivate Forecasts on premise


Some situations simply require you host Cultivate Forecasts yourself. Minimal maintenance required and a bi-annual update schedule ensures you have the latest versions of our application.

Shield icon representing Cultivate Labs reliability of security and hosting


Cultivate has an average 99.9% uptime for its hosted applications. We increase reliability through redundancy, daily backups, and disaster recovery plans.

Security and Privacy

All data stored on Cultivate Forecasts is safe, secure, and reliable

We are trusted (and have been audited) by some of the largest companies in the world so we know how important security and privacy is.

Industry Standard Security

We adhere to industry best practices including encrypted communications, encrypted data on our database, firewalled and monitored servers, and limited access to production data by our employees.

Single Sign-on

We can integrate with most SAML2 SSO authentication systems to give your IT department peace of mind that employees who have left the company don't still have access to valuable information.

Data Retention

Because we set up an isolated environment for each client, we can adjust our retention configuration to your requirements.

For Developers

Extend the application to wherever your creativity leads you.

Our API has been used to build add-on applications, retrieve data for custom information visualizations, and by our own team to drive our mobile application.

Stack of paper icon representing Cultivate Forecasts well documented API for web developers

Rest API

A well documented API to access the data in your Forecasts site.

Paint brush icon representing Cultivate Forecasts ability to be custom branded for clients

White Labeling

Customize a Forecasts site to your brand through CSS changes you control.