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Issue Decomposition Workshops

A methodical approach to break down how the future will impact complex strategic issues and decisions.

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Cultivate’s “issue decomposition,” crafted from our work with U.S. national security agencies and global think tanks, is a new form of analysis that enables you to understand what will influence the outcome to your biggest strategic questions.

For example, our workshops have supported key decisions by helping our clients understand the drivers behind the impact of the Ukraine/Russia war on EU energy security, future Iranian nuclear capabilities, and AI competitiveness among countries and private industry.

Experience the benefits of a decomposition workshop:

Clarity on how to think about the future around a critical issue.

A collaborative approach involving diverse perspectives vs. relying on a few individuals.

A shared world view, surfacing underlying assumptions that may conflict across stakeholders.

Increased rigor for existing analytic process.

A resulting agile framework for ongoing events, which can be adapted to changing circumstances.


A workshop is composed of four steps. The workshop itself is typically a half day with a little work beforehand.

1. Survey

A brief survey about the strategic issue you would like to better understand. This allows us to prepare and scope the workshop.

2. Workshop

A live workshop with your team and ours to identify the key drivers influencing the issue and specific signals that would indicate the outcome of those drivers.

3. Research

Asynchronous research by our team to complete the decomposition, and a potential distribution to a broader group of experts for review and comment.

4. Framework

Final decomposition map and accompanying narrative delivered by our team. (Ask us how we can help with regular monitoring of a decomposition.)

What organizations does the workshop serve?

Cultivate is currently focusing on working with organizations who have existing research groups and whose decisions and policies, or client's decisions and policies, are fundamentally impacted by global geopolitics. For example, national security related government agencies, think tanks, or research groups at investment banks and wealth management funds.

Who should attend?

Workshops are designed to be small working sessions with the relevant leaders, experts, and analysts who are actively monitoring the strategic issue.

Client Results

INFER: White House Office of Science and Technology Policy Case Study

OSTP was crafting policy about AI safety, AI technological progress, and the innovation and supply chain needed to support advancement. We used issue decomposition to help inform that policymaking.

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