Webinar: A Better Way To Make Your Most Strategic Decisions

Use the collective intelligence of your organization to more accurately predict the future, prioritize investments in new ideas, and improve your culture.

Thursday, 3 December @ 16:00 CET

About the webinar

Learn how government intelligence agencies, pharmaceutical companies, investment banks, university think tanks, and others are leveraging the power of collective intelligence to transform how they make critical decisions.

During his talk, Adam will discuss:

  • How today's strategic decision making processes are failing;
  • An introduction to enterprise crowdsourcing and collective intelligence;
  • Examples of organizations leveraging enterprise crowdsourcing today;
  • How to get started on a project of your own;
  • How AI and machine learning will augment the collective intelligence of your organization.
About Cultivate Labs

Cultivate Labs is based in Chicago, IL and supports enterprise crowdsourcing efforts through technology and professional services for governments and private organizations around the world. Cultivate’s mission is to “guide organization’s most critical decisions by uncovering ground truth about the future.”

Webinar sponsored by: Serrec AG

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Speaker: Adam Siegel

CEO and Founder, Cultivate Labs

Adam Siegel is the CEO and Co-Founder of Cultivate Labs. He has been working in the crowdsourcing space for 14 years since starting his first company, Inkling Inc., in 2006. Inkling, seed-funded by the Silicon Valley venture capitalist Y Combinator, focused on working with companies to aggregate probabilistic forecasts using prediction markets.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Adam spent a decade as a management and technology consultant at Accenture, and earned a Bachelor's degree in political science from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. Adam lives in the Chicago area with his wife and two young children.