Increase decision analysis around the success of drug candidates and other critical milestones

Cultivate Labs helps pharmaceutical companies take advantage of employee collective intelligence to reduce uncertainty, increase collaboration and transparency, and improve accuracy for its most pivotal decisions.

Pharmaceutical clients who employ crowdsourced forecasting, which involves the ongoing collection and aggregation of probabilistic forecasts from a group of people, use it as a new source of information that brings rigor to assessing the probability of success in early-stage drug development and other important organizational milestones.

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Our clients are some of the world’s 10 largest pharmaceutical companies.

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Client Results

How a Pharma company transformed its early stage drug portfolio review

Our crowdsourced forecasting methodology introduced a new way to capture internal intelligence to improve the likelihood of identifying successful drugs earlier in the pipeline.

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How We Can Help

Portfolio management

Forecast success on key performance indicators in advance and use insights to build consensus or highlight disagreement in ongoing resource allocation decisions.

Risk assessment

Quantify the likelihood and size of impact of risks to provide direction on prioritization and measure perceived effectiveness of mitigations.

Research analysis

Challenge research assumptions and analytic models using crowdsourced forecasts as a supplemental, more diverse outside perspective.

Culture optimization

Proactively generate signals about culture issues needing to be addressed, and evaluate the future success of mitigation strategies.

Latest Insights

Prompting Action To Address “Grey Rhinos” Using Crowdsourced Forecasting

Gray rhinos are impactful, highly probable events that everyone knows are coming, but are not acted upon. How can crowdsourced forecasting help?

Does Forecasting Accuracy Really Matter?

Yes, of course it matters. But improving it in lieu of other benefits crowdsourced forecasting can provide receives an outsized portion of attention.