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**Read me first: Getting started with Flashcast**

Flashcast is a web and mobile-aware app that allows a presenter to ask a question and collect live audience predictions that get aggregated into a consensus instantly for all to see.

Here's how to make your first Flashcast:

1. Go to (our homepage) and click Create a Flashcast. You will be asked to create an account (enter an email and password). 

2. After your account is set up, you will be taken to your Admin Dashboard, from which you can manage, edit, and present your question(s).

3. Click the "Create a Flashcast" button to add your first question. 

4. Enter your question. Remember you are asking your audience to enter a probability of something happening. It can be a Yes/No (e.g., "What is the likelihood X will happen?") or Multiple Choice (e.g., "What team will win the World Series?" or "When will X occur?" or "How many widgets will ACME sell this year?") 

5. After you've saved your question, you will see it on your Dashboard. 

Here's how to present your Flashcast during your event: 

1. Find your Flashcast question on your Dashboard and click the Present button next to it. 

2. The Present screen is what you will project during your live meeting, presentation or lecture. The Present screen will show the question, as well as the access pin your audience will need to participate and make predictions. **Quick tip: Remember to add a link to your Flashcast screen by copying it from your Internet browser and pasting it in your presentation slide or material. This way, you can easily open the Present screen from your slides.**

3. Instruct participants to use their mobile device or laptop to go to and enter the access pin. They will need to enter a username (it can be anything but must not contain spaces). Then, they’ll submit their prediction in the form of a probability (0-100% chance something will happen).

4. As soon as predictions get submitted, you'll see the live results appear on the Present screen.

5. You can judge a question after your presentation from the Dashboard. Once you do so, everyone who opted in will receive an email giving a summary of results and comparing their prediction with the consensus prediction.

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