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Adding Links to Question or Challenge Descriptions

You can add source links as background information within a question or within a challenge description.

Adding Links Within Questions
You can add/edit links to any question in the background field:
  • Find the question where you want to add source links and click into it
  • Within the question, click on the "Admin" dropdown and select "Edit"
  • You'll see the question publisher page, scroll down to the field that says "Background Info"  (Note: This field accepts html so you can add hyperlinks or images)
  • To save, click "Update Question" button at the bottom of the page
Adding Links Within Challenge Description
Additionally, you can add source links to a "challenge" if there's a link that might apply to all questions within an area. 
  • Go to the dropdown under the avatar and select ADMIN to view the full admin dashboard
  • On the left-hand control bar, select "Challenges"
  • Click "Edit" next to a challenge, input the link in the "Challenge Description", and hit Save Challenge

Sample basic html tag for links that open in a new window

<a href="" target="_blank">New York Times</a>

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