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Changing Site Settings (e.g., site name, add logo & styles, notifications)

Go to the Admin "home". On the left-hand navigation bar, select "Site Settings". From here, you can:

  • Change the NAME of the site. This is what appears as the header of the site, and how the site is referred in notification emails. 
  • Change the style settings by adding CUSTOM CSS. 
  • Add a LOGO. Under Other Settings, upload a photo, which will appear in the header. You can add the same image in the field below to display as a header in any notification emails that get sent to participants from the site. 
  • Allow users to suggest questions. By checking this box, you will enable a button that will appear on the top navigation of the page where participants can submit their own questions. All Admins are notified and must accept the question, or can edit it, prior to publishing.
  • Manage site-wide emails. In the checkboxes under Other Settings, you can disable/enable all site notification emails and activity digest emails. Your settings default to Allow site email notifications and weekly activity digest emails. We STRONGLY recommend keeping this enabled to encourage user participation. 

There are other features you can test from the site settings, but those above are the most commonly used. We recommend contacting us before making any other adjustments to the default settings. 

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