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Creating Challenges

Go to the Admin "home" (select ADMIN from the dropdown next to your avatar). Select "Challenges" from the left-hand nav bar. Challenges are helpful when you want to bucket a group of questions into a specific topic area (e.g., Just For Fun, HR Metrics, Project XYZ, etc). 

  • Click the "create a new challenge" button
  • Enter the name
  • Describe the challenge, or leave blank (this field accepts html so you can add links)
  • Be sure to upload a photo for the challenge (this is important to the layout, as you'll see later)
  • Select the ending date for the challenge 
  • Click Save Challenge

To see your newly created challenge, go to the homepage, and select Challenges in the sub-navigation bar. Note that if you like seeing the different challenges, and would prefer this be your default homepage (rather than the All Questions view), simply Contact Us!


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