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Inviting New Users & Seeing Who Has Registered

Go to the Admin "home" (go to the dropdown next to your avatar and select ADMIN). Then, select "Users" from the left-hand nav bar. 

  • Click the "INVITE USERS" button
  • Add in the email addresses of the people you want to invite (one per line)
  • They will receive email invitations with a link to register onto the site

Note: This only works on certain site settings to protect the privacy of our client sites. To learn more on how to invite users for your unique site, please CONTACT US. 

To view all the people who have registered to the site, click on the Registered Users tab. From here, you can also edit people's roles, i.e., make someone an Admin. (Click Edit next to their email, on the next page, scroll down to find the Role dropdown).

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