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Publishing New Questions

This article will explain step-by-step how to publish a question. (If you need help crafting questions, read here.) Go to the Admin "home". On the left-hand navigation bar, select "Questions". From here, you can see any published and pending questions. 

To create a new question, click the "create a new question" button:

  • Type in what question you'd like to ask
  • Select the type of question you're asking:
    • Two or more possible – when you have multiple possible answers with one correct outcome
    • Two or more possible (multiple can be correct) – when more than one answer can be correct (e.g., Which two teams will make the SuperBowl?)
    • Yes/No – when it is a binary question
    • Single Answer – when you want the probability of one possible outcome
  • Once you’ve selected the answer type, fill in the answer options. You can change the starting probabilities from here. To create new rows for answers, click the “New Answer” button.
  • Background Info is where you can include additional context to a question, such as source links to news articles or company websites. This field accepts html if you'd like to add links, or images, etc. 

  • Tags can be created to make questions easily searchable, via filtering. Or, they allow you to provide one easy link to questions tagged in the same way, e.g., Competitive Intelligence, US Politics, etc. Create new tags by going to the Admin Dashboard, select TAGS in the left-hand navigation bar.

  • Challenges can also be created. There is a landing page where you can see challenges from the homepage. This is used when you want to categorize questions by a topic area. 

  • In the Start Accepting Forecasts section, you can select when you want to publish the question. You can set a future date or jump to now. 

  • In the Stop Accepting Forecasts section, you are designating the date to close the question. This is typically when the outcome to a question is expected to be known. 

  • Once you click Submit Question, your question will either appear as published, at the top of the ALL QUESTIONS page view from the homepage, or in the COMING SOON tab, if published with a future date.

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