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Resolving & Un-Resolving Questions

Once you know the outcome to a question, you will want to "resolve" it. This means that participants will be judged and rewarded based on how they forecasted.

  • Find the question you want to resolve from the homepage>Questions>All Questions list. (From the list view, if your question is still open for forecasting, you can sort the list by end date to find it near the top. If your question already closed, select the Closed tab.)
  • Click into the question
  • Click the "Admin Options" button near the top right of the question headline
  • Then select Resolve in the dropdown
  • On the next screen, click the dropdown>select Answer Occurred and if multiple choice, select which option occurred
  • Click on the date the answer was known and the time (make sure the time was before the result so noone gets rewarded who forecasted after the fact)
  • You can enter any additional information if you wish, and hit "Create Resolution"
  • If you reload the page, you'll see the results calculating. People will be awarded a relative accuracy score for the question, as well as fantasy points (currency) based on their level of risk at the time of forecasting.


If you made a mistake in resolving a question, you are able to 'unresolve' in most instances:

  • Select "ADMIN" from the dropdown under your avatar
  • In the left hand nav bar, go to "Resolutions"
  • Click on the "Complete" tab to find the question you incorrectly resolved
  • Find the question (and answer option, if several) and click the "Unresolve" button
  • The question will move into the tab "Unresolve Processing" and then "Unresolve Complete" once finished
  • To resolve the question correctly, follow the instructions at the top
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