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Identifying your most Accurate Forecasters

One of the most valuable features of Cultivate Forecasts is that it allows you to identify the individuals who make the most accurate forecasts. Knowing who within your organization or community to reach out to for insight, being able to ask them what they believe and why, can be just as valuable going forward as the forecasts. You can find who your best forecasters are by visiting the Leaderboard section of the application from the top menu.

Leaderboard Menu

The Overall Leaderboard provides two lists, each containing all users on your site. The first list, Clinkle Leaders, shows the users on your site who have accumulated the most clinkles (the name we have given to the virtual currency that powers the prediction market).  The second list, Accuracy Scores, shows the users on your site who have made the most accurate forecasts. Read more about how we calculate accuracy here. 

Overall Accuracy -This shows the most accurate forecasters across all of the questions on your site. 

The Challenges Leaderboard allows you to choose one of the Challenges you have running on your site and to view a leaderboard specific to it. This is especially helpful in identifying who the experts are in different areas. 

Challenge Accuracy - Through the CHALLENGES menu on the left side, you can view the leaderboard for individual challenges. 

The Questions Leaderboard allows you to choose an individual question that has been resolved and view who the best forecasters were for it. 

Individual Question Accuracy - The the QUESTIONS menu on the left, you can view the leaderboard for individual questions.

Additionally, when an individual question has been resolved, a subset of the leaderboard (it is limited to the top 10 forecasters), is displayed on the question page itself. This shows the same information as the Questions Leaderboard, but with the additional context provided by the question page itself, such as a probability history chart and list of forecasts and comments.