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Measuring Success of Your Pilot

It is important to evaluate the success of your Cultivate Forecasts pilot to determine if it has provided value to your organization. In addition to understanding how accurate your site is and how early you've received high probability signals from application activity, metrics related to usage and dissemination of the output are also important to consider and make goals for your project.

Here are some idea of goals you can set for your project as success factors:

  • Creates a continuous communication feedback loop between employees and leadership (e.g., leaders using data in status reports or other communications to teams)
  • Greater transparency in information sharing, eliminating siloes within groups and departments (e.g., # of comments, actions taken as a result of revelatory signals)
  • Increase in employee engagement (e.g., # of user-submitted questions, # of predictions, # of comments)
  • More accurate forecasts (e.g., application outputs are more likely to be accurate a greater % of the time than traditional forecasting methods)
  • Ability to identify most accurate forecasters within the company (e.g., accuracy leaderboard)

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