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On-Premise/Self-Hosted Installations

1. Cultivate will set up a private Github repository and grant access to the appropriate individual(s) from your organization.

2. Cultivate will upload a set of Docker images to the Github repo. These images contain all necessary components for running an on-premise instance of Cultivate Forecasts.

The components include: 

  • Cultivate Forecasts application & application server image
  • Cultivate Forecasts background worker & Redis image
  • Nginx webserver image
  • Optional Postgres database image
  • Optional Postfix email image

3. Your organization will provision a server with Docker installed on it in your own data center. You can then download the set of our images from Github, transfer them to the machine, and load them into Docker. We will provide an installation guide consisting of commands needed to set up & configure the environment.

4. For subsequent releases (typically on a quarterly basis,) Cultivate will upload a new application/worker Docker image and a release script to Github and notify you of its availability. You can then download the update from Github, place the updated release on the server, and run the release script to install the new version. 

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