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Getting Started: Cultivate Forecasts

Your goal: In any forecasting question, pick an answer and the percent (%) chance you think it will happen. 

Here are a few steps to get started. After logging in: 

1. View a list of all the questions on the site by selecting the ALL QUESTIONS tab in the nav bar at the top, or you can view questions by categories from the CHALLENGES tab.

2. Select any question you have an opinion about.

3. Choose a possible answer and the % chance it will be the correct outcome.
(% Chance is just like a weather forecast: “There is a 70% chance of rain tonight," or “There is a 70% chance of this answer happening.")

4. Explain why you’re forecasting this way, then choose SUBMIT to save everything

5. Track and update your forecasts whenever your view has changed by selecting MY FORECASTS in the top nav.

Other tips: 

Increase the “strength” of your prediction by forecasting the same or more extreme probabilities multiple times.

- FOLLOW questions or people, then go to ACTIVITY to see what is happening with them.

- Choose Geek Mode within any question to see the underlying prediction market algorithm and fine tune your forecasts ("trades").

If you're interested in learning more about trading and other details of a prediction market, please visit our Ultimate Guide

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