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Change Budget of a Campaign

You should change a campaign budget before inviting all your users, so that they have the right starting balance upon registration. To change the budget, you'll need to edit the campaign:  

  • Go to the Admin Dashboard. Select the Campaigns tab and Edit next to the campaign you wish to update.
  • In the campaign form, find the section called total Campaign Budget
  • Adjust your Campaign Budget, Number of Participants, and Participant Starting Balance.
  • Click Submit to save your changes. 

If you have more than one campaign running on your site... 

Keep in mind that users will have a per-campaign budget. So, if you're running one campaign for "New Product Enhancements" with a $10K budget and a second campaign for "Summer Office Outing" with a $2K budget, users will get a share of the balance for the first campaign to use on ideas for new products, and they'll also have a balance within the office outing campaign to use for ideas within that. Users can keep track of their per-campaign balances by going to Profile & Settings>My Profile in the top nav. 

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