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Sample Use Cases for Internal Crowdfunding

Our clients use Cultivate Ignite, our Kickstarter-style internal crowdfunding app, for a range of innovation priorities across their organization. Here are some examples:

  • Developing new products or services
  • Developing enhancements to existing products or services
  • Enhancing customer service delivery
  • Rewarding customer loyalty
  • Corporate giving - charitable organizations to contribute to and how much
  • Improving office environment and collaboration
  • Planning the next office outing or event
  • Increasing operational efficiency
  • Promoting continuous improvement within a specific area
  • New technology acquisition and integrations
  • Ideas around a relevant industry priority (e.g., biofuels, security and tracking, personalized medicine, etc.)
  • Ideas around a company's strategic priority or an existing portfolio area

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Crowdsourced Forecasting

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Cultivate Ignite logo - Kickstarter-style crowdfunding platform for use inside companies

Internal Kickstarter-Style Crowdfunding

Use Kickstarter-style internal crowdfunding to prioritize what you should be focusing on at the front-end of your innovation process.