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Change Email and Notification Settings

If you want to edit your email and notification preferences, you can do so from Profile & Settings > Settings in the top nav. Then, select the Notifications tab. Make changes and click Update. Just be sure you continue to stay in the loop about all the activity happening on your site! 

Got more questions? If you don't find what you need on our Support Site, send us a note at [email protected].¬†

Cultivate Forecasts logo - prediction market software for enterprises

Crowdsourced Forecasting

Use prediction markets to learn what your people really think is going to happen with your most important projects and metrics.

Cultivate Ignite logo - Kickstarter-style crowdfunding platform for use inside companies

Internal Kickstarter-Style Crowdfunding

Use Kickstarter-style internal crowdfunding to prioritize what you should be focusing on at the front-end of your innovation process.