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Invest or Get Refund in an Idea

To make an investment, click into an idea you like and follow these steps:

  • You will see Your Balance front and center above the funding buttons. 
  • Click on an amount as shown in the buttons, or click Other to enter your own amount.
  • You'll get a summary of what your balance will be after the investment and how much you've contributed in total to the idea. Click Make an Investment, and you'll immediately see your contribution.

It's completely acceptable to move your investments around - in fact, we encourage it! As time progresses, you want to help ideas you like hit their goals, and it's great to change your mind and invest strategically. So, if you want a refund:

  • If you know off hand which ideas you've invested in, simply click into them from the homepage, and click Get Refund
  • To see all your investments, go to Profile & Settings>My Profile from the top nav, and select the Investments tab to click into an idea and Get Refund.
  • Note: You can get a refund up to the point that an idea "tips" - not after. 

If you don't find what you're looking for on our Support Site, contact us at [email protected]

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