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Cultivate Labs Support Articles

Review My Investments and See My Balance

To check and see what ideas you've funded, go to Profile & Settings > My Profile in the top nav.

  1. From this page, click into the Investments tab to view ideas in which you have contribute funds. You can also see how far along they are to their goal, and how much time is left. Click into any idea to make any updates (like contribute more or get a refund). You're encouraged to move your funds around as you change your mind about what ideas would be most valuable.
  2. If you have submitted your own ideas, click into the My Ideas tab to track their status. 

Keep in mind that if your site has more than one campaign, you have a per-campaign balance. Be sure to use up the balance for each campaign! Track your per-campaign balance in the Campaign Balances tab.

Happy funding! Got more questions? If you don't find what you need on the Support Site, send us a note at