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Cultivate Labs Support Articles

Submit and Edit an Idea

On the homepage, you’ll see the campaign headline and a Submit Idea button underneath, or find it in the top nav. Click on it and follow the prompts on the idea creation form — consider this a final draft, so save this step for when you're really ready to show off your idea :) 

  • Check the button to indicate the campaign that your idea should go in.
  • Enter a catchy name for your idea - something that will grab your peers’ attention!
  • Enter a 1-2 sentence elevator pitch - this will appear as the brief description under the idea name on the homepage.
  • In the background section, be thorough describing the idea, and follow any guidance your organization might have for this section. Some questions you might consider answering:
    • Describe the idea and its purpose
    • Why is this idea meaningful, i.e., what problem/issue does it address?
    • How will you use the funds?
    • Who will work on the idea?
    • What’s the time commitment required for the people working on the idea?
    • What are some key milestones to complete your idea?
    • How much time will it take to complete the idea?
  • Enter the amount of funding you’re requesting - be sure it doesn’t exceed any criteria set by your organization.
  • Upload an image - use something eye-catching that will make your peers want to click into and learn more about your idea!

You’re the entrepreneur here - it’s up to you to sell your idea! Remember simple language is better than super technical stuff for everyone to understand, keep idea names and pitch descriptions short, and use a clear, colorful image! If you know some basic html, you can use it within the Background form field to format the text and add links.

After all that, you’re ready to hit Publish

Note: If you need to edit your idea after it's been published, please contact your site administrator. We're working on building functionality to allow users to edit, but currently, this is only available to site admins. 

More questions? If you can't find what you're looking for on our Support Site, send us a note at