Flashcast lets you poll your friends and co-workers for forecasts and keeps score of how everyone did.

Make a Flashcast

Flashcast is far more interesting than other polling apps I was using in my talks. It’s fun for the audience to see all the predictions come in and be combined as the group prediction to compare to their own. I'm looking forward to using it again!

– Julian R., Conference Speaker

Effortless setup, instant gratification.

Flashcast is a web and mobile-aware app, so there's nothing to download and it's simple to use.

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Create an account and set up your forecast question.

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Invite your audience to make probabilistic forecasts from their connected devices.

Livestream results or review later

Forecasts will instantly aggregate as animated trends.

Smarter insights and greater engagement from audiences at any occasion.

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The best way to give employees a voice at your next company offsite, training, or townhall.


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