Predictive research lets customers guide you in the right direction.

Forecasts for market research does all the work to aggregate hundreds of customer predictions that give you insight for your most important business decisions.


Set up your site, including an intake survey to collect demographics or to get to know respondents before (or after) they get into forecasting.

Intake survey setup

  • Design survey with fill in the blank, multiple choice, or table format responses
  • Separate questions into one or multiple pages and arrange by data topic
  • Downloadable report (.csv) of intake survey responses
  • Direct respondents to intake survey either before or after forecasting questions

Site Customization

  • Your branding
  • CSS customization
  • Text customization
  • Support for multi-language
  • Site access options: public, private, social login Custom domain name
  • Basic CMS system to create custom content pages (e.g., FAQ, News, etc.)


Ask forecasting questions that relate to your future business decision, e.g., What feature will be top seller for product X? or How many of X will we sell at launch?

Question administration

  • Ask an unlimited number of questions
  • Multiple question formats supported (e.g., yes/no, multiple answer, open)
  • Background field supports text, links, images, and other media
  • Full self-admin controls for question creation
  • Categorize questions by topics and tags

Question response flow

  • Customize order in which questions appear
  • Question navigation bar informs respondents how far they have left to go
  • Questions marked as answered to easily find what questions respondents are missing


People make probabilistic predictions and share relevant rationale and commentary.

Collecting forecasts

  • Collect an unlimited number of forecasts and comments
  • Forecasts can be updated on questions as people change their mind (unlike a survey!)
  • Easy probability elicitation so no advanced training is required
  • Anonymous forecasts (or not) with unique usernames
  • Rationales are tied to forecasts to provide context

Collaboration & engagement

  • Discussion threads to share information, links, or comments
  • Activity feed including featured questions, users, and comments
  • Crowdsourced administration: flag content that goes too far
  • Notifications and alerts of new forecast questions and other important activity
  • Post admin announcements for important updates


Ongoing forecasts are aggregated in real time so you always know the crowd’s probability when making big decisions.

Real-time trends

  • Trend visualizations that show consensus crowd forecasts
  • Dashboards show number of forecasts and forecasters in each question

Real-time reporting

  • Reports (.csv) of consensus and individual forecasts, accuracy, participation, and more, for each question and site-wide
  • One-page (.pdf) with crowd forecast and participation for every question

Platform and hosting flexibility to match your business requirements.


Software as a Service

We use Heroku to host Forecasts on AWS. Your application is logically separated from other clients, either in a shared or in its own dedicated environment. Scalable to support thousands of users.


We have an average 99.9% uptime for our hosted applications. We increase reliability through redundancy, daily backups, and disaster recovery plans.


Some situations require you host Forecasts yourself. Minimal maintenance required and a bi-annual update schedule ensures you have the latest versions of our application.


We keep your data secure.

We are trusted and have been successfully audited by some of the world’s largest companies.

Industry Standard Security

  • Encrypted communications
  • Encrypted data on our database
  • Firewalled and monitored servers

Single Sign-on

  • Can integrate with most SAML2 SSO authentication systems

Data Retention

  • Can adjust our retention configuration to your requirements

Robust technology backed by science.

Forecasts uses prediction markets and other crowdsourced forecasting methods supported by years of academic research.

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