Cultivate Ignite: Announcing Internal Crowdfunding Solution for Teams

By Cultivate Labs on April 20, 2017

Cultivate Labs is excited to announce the expansion of Cultivate Ignite (formerly Cultivate Ideas), our internal crowdfunding platform for enterprises. 

On May 2, we will launch a self-service, pay by credit card option tailored to teams (15+ people) looking to independently launch internal crowdfunding campaigns. 

We've Proven Internal Crowdfunding Works

We first launched Ignite in 2015, when we recognized the value of introducing a Kickstarter-like crowdfunding platform to organizations who wanted to source innovative ideas internally and better prioritize their investment decisions. We felt brainstorming sessions, idea boxes, and townhalls were only nibbling at the edges of driving a culture of innovation. 

We've since proven internal crowdfunding does generate compelling ideas and positively changes a culture. People are more engaged, they feel like they have skin in the game, they learn to experiment, to be more lean in their thinking, and that it's ok to fail and take risks. They are also buttressed by the support of their peers if their ideas are crowdfunded.  

Thanks to platforms like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, “crowdfunding” is now an easily understood and accepted form of idea validation and funding. Entrepreneurs are able to test the market viability of ideas before investing significant funds into an idea the market doesn’t want. 

We think this same signaling mechanism is just as powerful internally with your own teams. Like our work in crowdsourced forecasting, we've proven organizations should be better leveraging the collective intelligence, experience, and wisdom of their people to prioritize how they make investments and how they're spending their time. Cultivate Ignite makes that easy for you.

Until now, we have introduced internal crowdfunding exclusively with large organizations like pharmaceutical companies, defense contractors, and manufacturing companies. We're confident smaller teams can reap the same benefits.

Free trials and paid credit card plans of Cultivate Ignite will start on May 2. Drop us a line at [email protected] if you would like to be kept up to date on the pending launch.

We also offer professional services in conjunction with our Ignite projects. Contact us if you'd like to talk about how we can work with you to introduce this in your organization.

We’d love to hear from you about any questions, challenges, or wins you have throughout your process, so give us a shout, or a Tweet, or a Facebook message!

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