From idea to crowdfunding, better than any Shark Tank.

Ignite is an internal idea crowdfunding platform for teams to collectively pitch and prioritize the right ideas.

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90% of our clients have come back to run another Ignite crowdfunding campaign.


Credible and open prioritization

Be smarter about prioritizing which features, ideas, or tasks you focus on first with a process everyone can participate in, not just managers.


Build to last and thrive

Idea drives and inboxes are where enthusiasm and engagement go to die. Instead, create a peer driven process that feels exciting -- and fair.


Promote a culture of experimentation

People internally campaigning for funding for their ideas? Reaching across departments to collaborate? Similarly motivated intrapreneurs combining forces? Yes, please.


Cultivate Labs and two of our clients, AstraZeneca and the Canadian Nuclear Labs, were discussed recently in The Wall Street Journal for their internal crowdfunding efforts using Ignite.

Client Examples


BioInformatics group crowdfunds innovations to disrupt status quo

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Canadian Nuclear Labs

Scientists crowdfund $1.4M in seed-stage ideas to advance nuclear tech applications

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We work with you as you launch and run your crowdfunding campaign.


Planning workshops

We facilitate working sessions to guide the core project team on campaign scope, funding budget, idea parameters, communication and marketing, establishing idea mentors, and platform setup.

Communication support

You’ll receive template communications and best practice guidance for rollout across the organization and coordinating live pitch event(s) to support the campaign.

Project check-ins

We’ll stay in touch through regular project status updates and will provide reports to track activity that you can share with your team.

Marketing and branding

Our designers will help you brand your crowdfunding program with its own logo and templates for posters and web, including a landing page dedicated to the program.

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