Demystifying Unicorns Through Prediction Markets

By Ben Golden on November 23, 2015

On a recent podcast, Jack Schultz and I discussed two razor companies that are poised to become unicorn companies. Unicorns--startups that grow to billion-dollar valuations while remaining private--are somewhat mysterious and the subject of continuous speculation. Since they're private companies, they don't have to file annual reports, so no one really knows when and if they'll go public, or what they're actually worth. Indeed some observers think the growing tally of unicorns--144 and counting--represent a bubble and expect an upcoming crash.

As part of our Wall Street's 8 Ball challenge on AlphaCast, we're asking questions about current and future unicorns. How many unicorns will there be at the end of the year, and what will be their combined valuation? Which companies will become unicorns, and which will stop being unicorns (through an IPO, acquisition, or down-round). These questions are interesting and important, with major ramifications for investors and the technology economy.

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Ben Golden/@BenGoldn is an Engineer at Cultivate Labs.

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