Google experts join a forecasting meetup about the future of AI hosted by Cultivate’s INFER

By Faith Powell on October 02, 2023

Earlier this month, one of our client programs INFER – the crowd forecasting program supporting the U.S. Government – hosted a special forecasting event about the future of AI. The event was attended by select INFER forecasters and nearly two dozen forecasting enthusiasts who work at Google, joining in a personal capacity.

Two of the guests from Google presented their perspectives on the current AI boom: Seth Blumberg, a behavioral economist, and Pietro Kreitlon Carolino, a software engineer. They focused on generative AI broadly, including how forecasting can be useful as AI technology develops. Following speaker remarks, INFER forecasters and Googlers were divided into break-out groups to collaborate and forecast on a question related to the AI boom. Read more about the event on the INFER blog.

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