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By Faith Powell on Dec 05, 2023

Turning to crowdsourced forecasting when you’re not sure who or what to listen to

With the rise of AI, disinformation in mass media will only continue to grow and evolve. Turning our attention to crowd forecasting is one way that we can better understand, monitor, and respond to global uncertainty – together.

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By Faith Powell on Oct 02, 2023

Google experts join a forecasting meetup about the future of AI hosted by Cultivate’s INFER

Earlier this month, one of our client programs INFER – the crowd forecasting program supporting the U.S. Government – hosted a special forecasting event about the future of AI. The event was attended by select INFER forecasters and nearly two dozen forecasting enthusiasts who work at Google, joining in a personal capacity.

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By Adam Siegel on Apr 18, 2023

Playing with ChatGPT: Summarization of Forecast Rationales

Manual and time consuming sound like a perfect use case for some automated technology which is why we were so interested in what ChatGPT could do. Ultimately our goal would be to do the same thing a human was doing: summarize the rationales representing different probabilistic judgments.

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