Introducing the INFER mobile app

By Cultivate Labs on May 10, 2023

Our forecasters have been asking for a mobile app – and we are excited to share that it is now available for INFER, a crowd forecasting program in partnership with the University of Maryland’s ARLIS to support U.S. Government policymakers. You will now be able to submit forecasts on critical questions to support INFER’s government stakeholders directly from our native app on a phone or tablet.

To download the app for your mobile OS, visit:

The app is intended to be a streamlined version of You can review forecast questions, submit and update forecasts and rationales, and monitor sitewide and personal activity while on the go. Configurable built-in alerts will also keep you up to date on when questions have been judged, and when new comments have been posted to questions you’re following. Additional alerts for when new questions are available for forecasting will also be available soon in a future release.

You should continue accessing to view other program features and capabilities, including leaderboards, teams, reward challenges, and more.

Launching this mobile app signals exciting growth for INFER as the community of forecasters – and the bench of government stakeholders leveraging INFER’s outcomes – continues to expand.


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