Very Satisfied with Client Satisfaction Survey

By Adam Siegel on December 08, 2017

Recently, we launched a formal client satisfaction survey, where we reached out to several current and former clients to understand how they feel about our products, services, and about working with our team. The survey was run by a division of Dun & Bradstreet, to preserve the unbiased integrity of the results so ensuring we had no influence on the results and wouldn't know any individual organization's responses. 

I'm thrilled to report the numbers were quite strong, but more than that, they validate that we've been doing business the right way. People trust us. They like working with us. They think our products have value. We ship. We get things done on time. We're dependable. We're called upon when others have failed. 

We're not a big business with plenty of our own imperfections in a host of other ways, but getting affirmation from your customers that they appreciate not only what you do but how you do it is a big part of what keeps us going.

Here is a summary of how we did:

We have worked with a very diverse client list and have been a trusted provider for the U.S. Intelligence Community, Broadspectrum, Shell, AstraZeneca, Ohio University, and the Cleveland Browns. 

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Blog Post By: Adam Siegel

Co-Founder and CEO

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