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Create a New Campaign

Most teams will likely run a single "Call for Ideas" campaign at a given time. But, if you need to run multiple "Calls for Ideas" with different budgets for each, you can have more than one campaign on the site. For example, there might be a campaign for "New Product Feature Upgrades" with a $50K budget and "Planning Our Next Offsite" with a $5K budget. 

To add another campaign:

  • Go to the Admin Dashboard and select the Campaigns tab. Click the Create A New Campaign button.

In the form field, you'll be asked to put in all your criteria - here's what it all means.

  • Name is your idea scope, and the Description allows you to expand on it in a few more words, so people know what you're looking for. 
  • Campaign open for new ideas? - Check this box as this lets users upload their ideas. You can go back in and uncheck later to lock the campaign from receiving new ideas.
  • Total Campaign Budget - This is the total pool of money that you'll give to all participants so they can fund ideas under this campaign. Keep in mind that if you plan on creating multiple campaigns, you'll have to allocate a budget to each campaign accordingly.
  • Number of Participants - This is the total number of users you plan to invite to your site who can contribute funds (note: all invited users can see and fund all campaigns and ideas in the spirit of collaboration!). 
  • Participant Starting Balance - Simply divide the total campaign budget by the # of participants to get to this starting balance. If you have multiple campaigns, then we'll simply start each user with the sum of the starting balances from each campaign. 
  • Max percent idea can be funded - Typically, this is 100% if you don't want ideas to receive more than their goal amount.
  • All ideas are available for investment for the same amount of time - This limits your ideas to be open for a set number of days (e.g., 30 days) from when it is first published. Note that in this case, the end date of an idea, then, depends on when it is published, so you'll have ideas ending at different times.
  • Investment is only possible until a certain calendar date (regardless of when they are published)  - Most admins prefer to set the whole campaign to end on a certain calendar date. This allows for a more consistent experience.
  • Once you're done, click Submit

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