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Quick Start for Admins

When you activate your crowdfunding site on Cultivate Ignite, you’ll be walked through a few simple steps to set up your site, including your first idea campaign. Next, it’s up to you to finish the setup process. Here are a few quick tips:


1. Edit details of your first campaign and add others

Your "Call For Ideas" campaign defines the scope of the types of ideas you'd like to collect. You already gave your first campaign a title, a timeframe, and a budget. To make adjustments:

  • If you need to make changes to budget or would like to add a description, see Edit or Delete a Campaign.
  • If you’d like to add more Campaigns to your page, see Create a New Campaign. While most teams will run a single campaign, it is possible to have more than one, and assign a different budget to each.

2. Create an idea

People need inspiration to get their idea juices flowing, so add an idea of your own. New ideas will appear in a list format underneath the campaign headline.  

  • Click on Submit an Idea in the top navigation bar. 
  • Complete the idea form with details, like idea budget and description. See Submit and Edit an Idea

3. Invite users

Before you invite users, set your campaign parameters and adjust the budget! If you have more than one campaign, each campaign will have a budget, and users will have a per-campaign balance that they can track in their profile.

  • Go to the Admin Dashboard, and select the Manage Users tab
  • Enter an email address of the person you'd like to invite and click Invite User. Within seconds, they'll receive an email invite. 
  • You can track who has registered and resend invites to those that haven't!

4. Check the stats

You can view stats within an idea, a campaign, and across the site (admins only).

  • Within an idea, there is a Stats tab (next to Background Info). 
  • Within a campaign, there is a Stats tab (next to Ideas).
  • For site-wide stats, go to the Admin Dashboard and see the Stats and Site Snapshot tabs.  

We know this isn't just about the technology, so check out our project management tools to make this a successful effort! 


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