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Cultivate Spark: Quick Start for Admins

This guide is for users with access to Cultivate Spark. Spark is our structured wiki where participants can submit and collaborate on ideas prior to ideas being made available for crowdfunding on Cultivate Ignite.  (For Admin instructions for Cultivate Ignite, click here.)

As an Admin on Spark, you have access to create idea campaigns and customize the idea intake form(s) for each campaign. You must log in and write to to get Admin access for your site before you can do any of the following.

1. Create Idea Campaign

  • On the Spark homepage, click the Create A New Campaign button.
  • Enter the title for the campaign and write a brief description (350 characters).
  • You’ll be asked to select an Idea Intake Form that applies to the campaign. If you haven’t created one, skip this step - you can go back and update this later.
  • Click Update Campaign and your campaign will appear on the homepage.
  • From the homepage (above the campaign title), you can select to edit, hide, or delete the campaign. If you don’t see any of these options, contact support.

2. Create an Idea Intake Form

  • In the top right navigation bar, go to the dropdown under your username.
  • Select Admin Options>Form Builder.
  • You likely already have a sample idea intake form; you won’t need to start from scratch.
  • Click into the template - then, you can click directly on the title of the form to edit it or into an individual field.
  • To delete a field, click on the trash icon. 
  • To add a new field, go to Inputs on the left hand sidebar, and select a type of Input. The most popular are:
    • Single Line Text - for use on one line responses
    • Paragraph Text - for use on longer text responses
    • Rich Text - like Paragraph Text, but includes an editor for people to bold, underline, and bullet text
    • Dropdown
    • Image Upload - make sure your form asks people to upload an image to represent their idea throughout the campaign 
  • Once you select your input, the field will appear at the bottom of the form. You can move it up or down using the arrows next to it.
  • To edit the field, click into the header or box. Scroll to the top of your window, and you’ll see a side box called Field Settings. From here, you can change: 
    • Basic Settings > Field Label: This will likely be in the form of a question for your intake form. E.g., What is the name of your idea?
    • Options > Indicate if the field/question is required.
    • Click on Save Settings to update.

3. Add the Idea Intake Form to A Campaign

  • Once your form fields are all in place, you can go back to the homepage (by clicking into the Cultivate Spark icon in the top left).
  • Find your campaign and select Edit.
  • Select your form from the Form dropdown, and click on Update Campaign.
  • To view the form, go to Submit A New Idea under your campaign.
  • To make any additional form changes, follow Step 2.

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