Flashcast Features

Flashcast lets you poll your friends and co-workers for forecasts and keeps score of how everyone did.

Setup your Flashcast

Ask a question about what you want the audience to forecast, e.g. "Will it rain tomorrow in Chicago, IL?" Remember, you’ll be asking people to submit a probability (0-100% chance something will happen) so your question should have a verifiable outcome.

Setup and Presentation Features

  • Easy question creation wizard
  • Timer option to give a live audience a visual countdown
  • Open and lock questions for responses
  • Edit and archive questions
  • Yes/no or multiple choice format

Make a Flashcast
Image showing how to create a prediction question

Invite people to forecast in a live meeting, or with a link on social media.

Interface and functionality features

  • Participants use a PIN to access your Flashcast on flashcast.io keeping your question private, but easily accessible for your audience
  • Web-based app can be accessed on a browser from any mobile device
  • Participants enter a username to track their results and remain anonymous. We never share email addresses.
  • Dead simple slider interface for inputting probabilities (0-100%)

Make a Flashcast
How predictions are submitted

Watch audience forecasts aggregate in real time or come back and review later.

Audience Feedback Features

  • Participants can enter optional rationales tied to their forecast for greater context
  • They’ll see how their forecast compares to the crowd's consensus upon submission

Live Features

  • Updated live results adjust in real-time
  • Live countdown lets participants know how much time they have to forecast

Make a Flashcast
Flashcast audience feedback

Declare a “right” answer and everyone will understand how they forecasted vs. actual.

Personal Analytics Features

  • Declare a correct answer on the spot, or declare it later – participants can subscribe to receive results via email
  • Participants receive personal analytics: how they did compared to crowd consensus
  • Admin dashboard allows presenters to review overall results and commentary

Make a Flashcast

Easy to use web-based browser app for you the presenter, and your audience

  • No commitment
  • Free version
  • Unlimited predictions
  • Unlimited commentary
  • Instantly engaging
  • Smarter than a poll