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From advanced mechanisms like prediction markets, to simply gathering probabilities, we support a complete lifecycle of asking questions, collecting forecasts, scoring those forecasts, and generating insights. Want your people using a mobile app, or need an API? We have that too.

Use our robust management and workflow tools for publishing forecast questions yourself, or crowdsource them to your forecasters.

Question management
  • Ask an unlimited number of questions
  • Multiple question formats supported (e.g., yes/no, multiple answer, open)
  • Background field supports text, links, and other media
  • Full self-admin controls for question creation
  • Categorize questions by topics and tags
  • Set future question publish dates to make sure there are always new questions coming
Crowdsource questions
  • Ask participants to submit question candidates
  • Workflow to allow collaborative editing and commenting
  • Administrative editing, approval, and rejection

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Image showing how to create a prediction question

Invite people to enter forecasts as probabilities or trade in prediction markets.

Collecting forecasts

  • Collect an unlimited number of forecasts and comments
  • Forecasts can be updated on questions as people change their mind (unlike a survey)
  • Easy probability elicitation so no advanced training is required
  • Predictions markets have simple and advanced modes for basic and power users alike
  • Ask for forecast rationales to provide additional context
  • Participants can set reminders to update their forecasts

Collaboration and engagement

  • Discussion threads to share new information, links, or comments
  • Activity feed including featured questions, users, and comments
  • Follow users and questions that interest you
  • Upvote insightful or helpful comments
  • Crowdsourced administration: flag content that goes too far
  • Notifications and alerts of new questions and other important activity
  • Post announcements for important updates

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How predictions are submitted

Monitor the consensus forecast, then measure accuracy, bias, and other metrics when the answer is known.

Consensus trends

Pick one of several methods to calculate the consensus prediction (mean, median, etc.) and watch it change over time as people react to new information, rumor, or change in opinion.


We keep track of everyone's performance overall, by topic, and by question. Participants can even follow others to create their own custom leaderboards. Leaderboards focus on accuracy, and if running a prediction market, also show overall currency balances.


When predictions are measured, notifications are sent to all participants letting them know how they did.

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Example of an accuracy leaderboard

Access data via our REST API or open-standard (.csv) reports to easily create real-time executive dashboards and summaries for decision makers.

Accuracy analysis

Each individual can review how they earned their accuracy points and see how each new prediction they made helped - or hurt - the accuracy of their prediction in comparison to the median score, and the most accurate.


Pull down data files about individual and consensus predictions, prediction accuracy, participation levels, commentary, and other activity.

Executive summaries

View pre-packaged results overview in pdf format about each question.


Use our Rest API (documentation) to easily extract data to other dashboard and analysis platforms.

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The customization possibilities are (almost) endless.


Customize everything from the logo to the colors and fonts using CSS customization.

Multi-language support

The entire user experience can easily be translated to non-English languages and our question publisher also supports multiple language versions of each question.

Custom content

We’ve added a lightweight CMS to Cultivate Forecasts to support custom FAQ pages, custom privacy policies, or anything else you’d like to post alongside your prediction questions.

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How predictions are submitted

Platform and hosting flexibility to match your business requirements.

Hosting graphic

Software as a service

We use Heroku to host Cultivate Forecasts on AWS. Your application is logically separated from other clients, either in a shared or in its own dedicated environment. Scalable to support thousands of users.


We have an average 99.9% uptime for our hosted applications. We increase reliability through redundancy, daily backups, and disaster recovery plans.


Some situations require you host Cultivate Forecasts yourself. Minimal maintenance required and quarterly update schedules via Docker ensures you have the latest versions of our application.

We keep your data secure.

Trusted and audited by some of the world’s largest companies and government agencies.

Industry standard security

  • Hosting at an accredited datacenter (Amazon AWS)
  • Server to browser strong SSL encryption
  • Encrypted data at rest
  • Firewalled and monitored servers
  • PaaS Heroku for stack maintenance

Single sign-on

  • Can integrate with most SAML2 SSO authentication systems

Data retention

  • Can adjust our retention configuration to your requirements

Cultivate Labs SOC 2 Type 2 Audit

Conducted by a leading national accounting and advisory firm, our SOC2 audit, completed annually, affirms that Cultivate's information security practices, policies, procedures, and operations meet the SOC 2 Type 2 standards for security, availability, and confidentiality.