“Ground truth” guides strategic decisions at Australia infrastructure giant

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Clients are using Cultivate Forecasts to make smarter moves with collective intelligence.

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Sales Forecasting

Improve accuracy of sales forecasts by crowdsourcing predictions from all employees.

Biases exist in everyone. From sales to marketing to product development, teams are biased in terms of the amount of sales they think they can achieve. We work with you to collect ongoing forecasts, and to quantify the biases that exist - across the organization and individually - to better calibrate and improve forecasting over time. Rationales will tell you why people forecast the way they do for greater transparency of information and to understand the gaps that need addressing.

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Product Portfolio Review

A crowd-driven approach to allocate resources more intelligently across your R&D or product portfolio.

Your teams already know a project is likely to make or miss its objectives, yet often millions of dollars continue to be mis-allocated anyway. Collect ongoing probabilistic forecasts so you understand project risks and performance early and can course correct as needed. While portfolio reviews are typically slave to an arbitrary calendar date, our solution gives you insight when you need it to constantly optimize your investment strategy for a greater competitive edge.

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Risk Evaluation

Crowdsource predictions as an early “warning signal” to increase awareness and better quantify risk.

Visionary CEOs and business leaders are taking proactive measures to develop their risk management capabilities into competitive advantage. Crowdsourcing forecasts gives employees the voice to be your early signal about future trends, issues, or risks, and saves precious time to take action. Whether the concern is industry regulation, cybersecurity, economic indicators, or other crisis management, clients use Forecasts to identify, quantify, and prioritize risks on an ongoing basis.

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Consumer Insights

The new era of market research is in predictive technology. We connect you to customer foresight, not just opinions.

We combine the power of quantitative analysis, social sentiment analysis, and qualitative studies, all in a single solution. Ask specific predictive questions to a sample audience to understand the likelihood of something being successful. Learn why they think that, and look for trends across demographic and psychographic attributes - all in a week or less.

Client Examples


Royal Dutch Shell

How Shell's Global Exploration Group used crowdsourced forecasting to inform drilling and lease sale decisions.

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INFER: U.S. Government White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) Case Study

How OSTP paired the analytic technique of issue decomposition and crowdsourced forecasting to better understand the future of a national security issue to craft better policy.

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