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The familiarity of consumer-grade crowdfunding platforms with the advanced administration, data insights, and additional features you would expect from an application designed for the enterprise.

Issue a call for ideas - an area of innovation, a problem that needs addressing, or features to include in the next version of your product.

Idea campaign set up and admin
  • Run one or multiple idea campaigns at a time
Simple campaign workflow
  • Control the stages of your campaigns - you determine if crowdfunding begins as soon as ideas are submitted or wait until after ideation is complete
  • Clear progression of campaigns shown to users from custom home page
Idea intake forms
  • Full self-admin to set up custom idea intake forms per campaign
  • Define parameters and instructions for each form field within the idea intake form, e.g., idea budget (min/max), elevator pitch, weeks to complete, hours required to complete, number of people, etc.

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Collect seed-stage ideas from employees during a defined period of time.

Idea collaboration
  • All ideas are editable by anyone (there’s an audit trail to track who did what) - or can be locked for editing when finalized
  • Comment threads within ideas allow for feedback and input
  • Direct edits have an audit trail - so idea owner can revert back or accept changes
  • Volunteer button allows users to volunteer to be part of idea’s project team
  • Alerts and notifications let users know about updates to ideas
Idea submission & video pitch
  • Idea intake form is easy to fill out and format
  • Save ideas as drafts and return to them before publishing
  • Video is supported and can be embedded within an idea page for people who want to make a quick pitch to their investing peers
Administrative review & reporting
  • Review ideas before they move to crowdfunding or start crowdfunding immediately
  • Downloadable reports (.csv) of all submitted ideas and content for easy bulk review

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Submitting an Ignite idea

Once the idea collection period is complete, participants get to invest in ideas using a virtual wallet of pre-determined company dollars or time.

Idea crowdfunding
  • Select money or time (i.e., staff hours) as the currency source to fund ideas
  • Participant virtual balance clearly visible from anywhere on the site
  • Participant virtual balance clearly visible from anywhere on the site
  • Instant idea funding so investor sees their investments’ impact to an idea and balance
Investment tracking
  • User investment tracking and alerts within ideas and across campaigns
  • Easy dashboard view of all ideas, or per campaign, that can be sorted by funding level
  • Alerts and notifications about ideas you’re following or have submitted
  • Visualized countdown of crowdfunding period so you don’t miss out on using your funds
Administrative features
  • Easily redistribute funds to users as necessary
  • Downloadable report (.csv) of all investors and volunteers within ideas, and of individual user balances

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Image of crowdfunding an investment

Analyze activity throughout the process to monitor submitted ideas, user activity, amount of funds committed, and funded ideas so far.

Idea funding & reporting
  • Ideas that reach their funding goal become actual projects!
  • Admin dashboard shows all funded ideas
  • Downloadable report (.csv) of all ideas and their funding level
Monitor activity
  • Simple dashboard to track a myriad of activity statistics

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Platform and hosting flexibility to match your business requirements.

Hosting graphic

Software as a Service

We use Heroku to host Ignite on AWS. Your application is logically separated from other clients, either in a shared or in its own dedicated environment. Scalable to support thousands of users.


We have an average 99.9% uptime for our hosted applications. We increase reliability through redundancy, daily backups, and disaster recovery plans.

We keep your data secure.

Trusted and audited by some of the world’s largest companies and government agencies.

Industry standard security

  • Hosting at an accredited datacenter (Amazon AWS)
  • Server to browser strong SSL encryption
  • Encrypted data at rest
  • Firewalled and monitored servers
  • PaaS Heroku for stack maintenance

Single sign-on

  • Can integrate with most SAML2 SSO authentication systems

Data retention

  • Can adjust our retention configuration to your requirements

Cultivate Labs SOC 2 Type 2 Audit

Conducted by a leading national accounting and advisory firm, our SOC2 audit, completed annually, affirms that Cultivate's information security practices, policies, procedures, and operations meet the SOC 2 Type 2 standards for security, availability, and confidentiality.