Citations enhance AI-generated rationale summaries on our Forecasts platform

By Vanessa Pineda on February 26, 2024

Cultivate’s Forecasts platform has been using AI to summarize the forecast rationales provided by the crowd. Now, those summaries include citations, so you can see which forecasters’ contributions were considered for the summary. 

Cultivate has been exploring ways to integrate AI into the Forecasts platform that is most useful for audiences. These summaries are helpful and time-saving for both forecasters and forecast consumers (e.g., analysts and decision-makers) who need to capture a snapshot of the crowd’s perspective at any given time. 

The new citations give original context around a point or argument -- a particularly important feature to ensure there is transparency in what an analyst may be leveraging and the source it came from.

These summaries can be activated on any of our client sites by contacting us.

Here is an example from INFER: 

By hovering over a citation, you’ll see a pop-up of the original forecast and rationale submitted by a forecaster.

To learn more about our AI summaries, read our earlier post "Forecasts platform introduces AI-generated forecast rationale summaries."

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