Cultivate Forecasts now offers presentation mode to capture live forecasts at meetings

By Vanessa Pineda on April 24, 2020

Cultivate Forecasts, our enterprise crowdsourced forecasting platform, has released a new “Presentation” mode to capture forecasts at meetings and project the live results.

Inspired by Flashcast, a Cultivate application designed for presenters to collect live forecasts from audiences, we built the Presentation mode for use with our enterprise platform. 

An example of when to use it

We recently debuted this feature with a small venture capital firm running the Cultivate Forecasts platform among their employees to forecast different milestones for the startups in their portfolio, such as when the startups would reach target KPIs.

One of the portfolio analysts (we’ll call her Jane) had been tapped to do an online Lunch and Learn to share information about an upcoming product launch at one of the startups backed by the VC. Employees of the VC firm have been forecasting the probability of success of this launch for the last three months, but the forecasts hadn’t been updated in the past couple weeks, and Jane didn’t think they accurately reflected the new information she was about to share. So, she used her presentation as an opportunity to collect new forecasts on the spot, and have a more extensive dialogue about risk factors for the startup’s product launch.

Like Jane, many of our clients are frequently trying to get people to update their forecasts -- and doing it at a meeting (whether virtual or in person) provides for more engaging and timely discussions around the forecasting. 

Here's how it it works:

  • Within any question you want to show at your meeting, simply select “Present” from the dropdown menu.
  • A new page will appear, showing the question and the current consensus probability outcome (in a bar graph ranging from 0-100%).
  • The presenter will keep that presentation page up, and ask everyone to go to the forecasting site as they normally would, select the question, and enter a new forecast.
  • The consensus probability graph on the presenter’s screen will move in real-time as new forecasts come in. 

We’re excited for you to give this feature a try. Let us know how you used it and what you thought about it. It’s especially useful on Zoom meetings, coincidentally!

Are you not running crowdsourced forecasting within your organization, and curious about what you’re missing? Contact us or visit the Cultivate Forecasts page.

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By Vanessa Pineda

Vanessa is the Director of Professional Services at Cultivate Labs.

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