Cultivate Forecasts just got a lot more collaborative with team functionality

By Vanessa Pineda on April 23, 2020

We’ve officially released new functionality on Cultivate Forecasts, our enterprise crowdsourced forecasting platform, that makes it possible to create and group forecasters into teams and measure accuracy based on team performance.

This will be especially useful for organizations that want to:

  • Group participants into specific segments: department/function/specialty
  • Randomly group participants for engagement or research purposes
  • Generate excitement through a little peer pressure and healthy competition
  • Provide opportunity for collaboration amongst team members that may come from different areas of the organization
  • Boost accuracy! 

The academic proof for teams

Assembling forecasters into teams is an effective way to improve accuracy, according to the Good Judgment Project (GJP), the winning research team from a four-year forecasting tournament funded by the U.S. Government and led by Philip Tetlock, author of the NYT best-selling book that emerged from the research findings, Superforecasting: The Art and Science of Prediction. GJP found that forecasters working in teams (mostly online) outperformed those who worked alone when conditions - such as team diversity and ability to evaluate issues from different angles - were met. 

How do teams work?

We’ve integrated the team experience in several places throughout the application.

First, there is now a private team area within each forecast question. Within every forecast question, each team member will see a My Team sub-section that shows how every person on their team has forecasted, the team’s consensus, and a private discussion board the team can use to share information and discuss their forecasts.

Team roster and general discussion. All team members have access to the My Team page which has their team’s roster, stats, and a discussions tab for general conversation that might not apply to a specific forecast question. 

Team leaderboards. Leaderboards can be turned on that show every team’s accuracy.

Easy team setup. Any forecaster can nominate themselves to be on a team with others they choose, or an Administrator can create the teams. A simple workflow allows administrators to preview and approve all team nominations.

Interested in learning more about running a crowdsourced forecasting program within your organization? Contact us or visit the Cultivate Forecasts page. 

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By Vanessa Pineda

Vanessa is the Director of Professional Services at Cultivate Labs.

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