Cultivate Forecasts Latest Updates: Leaderboard filters, source link section, cleansed emails & more

By Vanessa Pineda on December 07, 2020

The latest updates to Cultivate Forecasts as of December 7, 2020, focus on helping you find the information you’re most interested in.

New Filters on the Leaderboard

The accuracy leaderboard is now filterable so you can see accuracy rankings of users under different conditions (e.g., by time period, topic/challenge, and tags).

Updated Filters for Questions

Additional filters to the left of the question list allow you to filter by questions you’re following, questions you've forecasted in, and more.

New Tab for Source Links within Questions

Within each question page, you can find a tab dedicated to source links. This is a feed of all the links submitted in the comments section, so you don’t need to go digging for the latest news and information others are posting.

Crowd Accuracy Lookback

Take a look back at how early the crowd consensus was predicting the right answer. On a resolved question, you can track exactly when the right answer became the highest probability answer. 

"Cleansed" Email Alerts

We can turn on “cleansed” email alerts for hosted platform instances, in the event it’s not safe to be sending information over email. When enabled, automated platform emails will not include question content, crowd forecasts, comment text, or any other unique information. 


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