Cultivate Forecasts Latest Updates: Team requests, hot word alerts, reporting features, badges

By Adam Siegel on June 09, 2020

Here’s a rundown of the latest Cultivate Forecasts platform updates as of June 9, 2020.

Team Requests

Following up on our last blog post announcing new team functionality, we’ve now added the ability for users to create their own teams. Users can request to add any site members to their team. Email notifications get sent to Admins to approve or reject. The team creator and new team members get alerted if approved.

To generate a team request, users can:

  • Go to My Team under their Avatar
  • Click on “Create a Team”
  • Enter the team name and the usernames of members

“Hotword alerts”

On larger sites, it is often difficult to track every forecast rationale or comment for the potential exposure of sensitive information. In certain settings though, use of certain words is highly indicative of information that should not be shared outside the firewall. We’ve therefore instituted a “hot words” alert, to tell users they are in danger of potentially exposing sensitive information and giving them the option to make edits. These incidents are now also tracked for further review and auditing.

New and Updated Reports

There are three new or updated sitewide reports now available for download from an Admin’s Reports section.

  • Questions and Answers report now has an assortment of filters & sorts that you can pre-select.
  • A new Team Stats report shows per-month activity for each team.
  • The All Comments report now includes information about hotwords status and lists any detected hotwords.

Achievement Badges

Admins can now assign achievement badges to people’s profiles. Custom artwork for those badges is supported and encouraged!

Badges can either be automatically or manually assigned.

Automatically Assigned Badges

The badges available for automatic assignment include:

  • Monthly Forecast - for users who made a forecast in a given month.
  • Questions Forecasted Count - for users who forecasted on a set number of questions.
  • Training Completion - for users who completed a training module on their Forecasts site.

Custom Badges

Custom badges, which are assigned manually, can be created for any other milestone you choose to reward, or simply for identification purposes. Some badges our clients have already created include:

  • Top Forecaster - for users who achieve 1st place on the leaderboard in a given quarter.
  • Forecaster of the Month - for users who achieve top 10 on the leaderboard in a given month.
  • Comment of the Month - recognizes the top 10 most upvoted comments in a given month.
  • Project Staff - allows other users to identify the project team.
  • Ambassador - if your project has dedicated champions or ambassadors, this serves to identify them.

Survey Forms - View Individual Responses & Alerts

Cultivate Forecasts supports basic survey forms to use for collecting information about forecasters (i.e., intake survey to collect demographic data, or survey to collect new forecast question suggestions). We’ve added new functionality that allows Admins to view a list of individual user responses and details about a given survey form directly on the platform (without having to download a report).


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Adam Siegel, CEO Cultivate Labs

By: Adam Siegel

Adam is the CEO and Co-Founder of Cultivate Labs.

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