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By Vanessa Pineda on Jun 08, 2018

The Gig Economy Isn't Taking Over

Today, The New York Times published a piece, "Maybe the Gig Economy Isn't Changing Work After All," which debunked a popularly held belief that the rise of Uber and other gig work would cause a rift in the relationship between companies and workers. Our white paper on the future of work had predicted the article's newfound perspective. We want to hear your thoughts!

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By Cultivate Labs on Aug 08, 2017

Employee Engagement is the Key to the Future of Business

The relationship between employers and employees is changing as the drivers of employee satisfaction are changing. Employees are no longer driven solely by a paycheck - they want their work to have a purpose and to believe in what their organization offers to the world. Organizations must shift their focus from paychecks and soft benefits like casual dress codes and office ping pong tables to better engage employees by ensuring opportunities for purpose, learning, and flexibility in their jobs.

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By Cultivate Labs on Aug 01, 2017

Flexible Work Styles and Their Place in the Future of Work 

The transition to flexible work styles has slowly been creeping into organizations for a long time, but acceptance and adoption of such practices has rapidly increased in past years due to rapid advancements in technology and a new generation flooding into the workforce. Flexible work styles will be far more common and accepted in the future. Is your organization prepared?

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By Ben Golden on Jun 19, 2017

3 Things I Learned Teaching Coding to Veterans at Code Platoon

I recently had the opportunity to teach for Code Platoon, a non-profit coding camp that trains veterans to become software developers, and learned three major lessons about the fundamentals of coding, teaching, and new endeavors.

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By Adam Siegel on Jan 31, 2017

Is Toxic Culture Killing Your Company?

Thanks to the Illinois Technology Association (of which we are a member) for publishing our guest blog post on toxic corporate culture. We make the argument that before you can heavily invest in shiny new technology as you prepare for the #futureofwork, you should look to make positive changes to your culture first to take maximum advantage of your investment.

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By Adam Siegel on Oct 13, 2016

Future of Work: What skills will be most valuable?

We recently had an article run in the Huffington Post about the future of work and what skills will be the most valuable given the new ways organizations will be structured and their desires to be more agile...

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By Adam Siegel on May 10, 2016

Three Trends Set to Revolutionize How We Work

Our new white paper about "The Future of How We Work"

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